hochzeitsfotografin Lisa König

Hi, I'm Lisa!

Since my earliest memories, I've been fascinated by stories of all kinds. Whether it was losing myself in the pages of a good book or spending countless hours at the cinema, it made me feel incredibly alive. When I was 16, I made a promise to myself that one day, I'd create stories of my own.

Fast forward 14 years, I'm documenting the unique love stories of couples from every corner of the world and words cannot even describe the deep happiness I feel when your story magically unfolds in front of me and my camera.

My photographic style is personal, cinematic and full of details, treating your wedding day as the grand season finale of your unique love story. You're the main character and that is what my photography is all about.

What you can expect

It's not just about your wedding day! On your whole wedding journey I want to make sure that you feel like the main character. My vision is to create a truly personal experience for you with photos that reflect who you are. Be prepared, I might ask you about your favorite songs and most importantly your favorite snack!


There is nothing more beautiful to me than your story unfolding in front of my eyes. During your wedding I'm close but blending into the crowd, capturing the small and big moments. So don't worry, I won't be that annoying loud photographer who makes people smile into the camera. I still wish to finally get one of those rare invisibility cloaks though!


I mostly draw my inspiration for wedding documentaries from movies. I'm in love with using aesthetic compositions and color grading to make your story as captivating as your favorite film! In the end your wedding photos are not just going to be photos. They are going to be an experience, you are going to feel just as on the day of your wedding.


It is the small details which is going to bring your story to life. In a few years time, you probably won't remember how the floor of your wedding venue looked like, which food was served or what fancy bags your guests have brought. It is even hard to notice all those details on the day itself! I make sure that those details are never ever going to be forgotten.


My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, La La Land, Whiplash, Baby Driver, About Time & Interstellar. Movies are a big inspiration for my photography!

hochzeitsfotografin Lisa König
hochzeitsfotografin Lisa König

I love FOOD! Whether testing new restaurants, dessert for dinner or cooking with my friends. I'm a huge Ottolenghi Lover!

My favorite country is Portugal. The sea, the cliffs, the food. My future self spends the winter months there in a nice holiday home with room for all my friends.

hochzeitsfotografin Lisa König

My friends mean everything to me and my batteries are full again when I spend quality time with them. Aperol never hurts either!