I have always loved meeting people from all over the world! When I was 18, I spent some time in Australia and then did an exchange semester in Sweden during my studies.

Before I eventually became a full-time wedding photographer, I have worked in a startup with people from all over the world, which I enjoyed so much! I believe that if we were all more open-minded and interested in other cultures, the world would definitely become a better place. In my photography it therefore means the world to me to embrace your cultural background & hear your story!

The story that needs to be told...

…is yours. Nothing ever fascincated me more than a good story. When I was a kid I could read books for days & once I started working at the cinema in my hometown I got obsessed with movies. It became obvious to me, that one day, I want to tell stories as well.

Wedding photography is not all about the pretty photos. I want to give you a full documentary just like a movie about your day – with all the big & little moments. With all the tiny details that might be overlooked but are going to mean the world to you.


„Inspired by 3am talks, evening walks & movies.“

I like doing things differently than others & that's also how I think about weddings. You don't want to have the "typical" traditions at your wedding but just a chill party with your friends & family? I love it!

The magic of joy lies in the in-between-moments and these are the moments I live for. Wedding days are the perfect day to show everyone how beautiful they are, when they just live in the moment & are truly happy.

A wedding day doesn't have to be "perfect", the only thing that counts are honest emotions. I'm mostly the silent observer to catch the real moments away from perfection that you are going to remember forever.

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I can't wait to get to know you and hear everything about your wedding plans! Send me an inquiry & let's have a chat.