Are you ready to hear the magical love story of Conny and Yves? This couple's winter wedding at Schloss Höhenried was a stunning event that will remain in the hearts of all attendees forever. The event was unique because it was held just before Christmas, and it was one of the very few snowy days in Munich. This made the ceremony even more special, as the snow created a beautiful, romantic atmosphere.

The couple decided to have an intimate wedding, with only their closest family and friends in attendance. They opted for a small gathering so that they could enjoy the day without feeling overwhelmed. The atmosphere was cozy and warm, as everyone gathered to celebrate the love between Conny and Yves.

The Getting Ready took place at The Starnbergsee Hideaway, which is an idyllic location that overlooks the beautiful Lake Starnberg. The location provided a peaceful and calm atmosphere for the couple to prepare for their big day. The Starnbergsee Hideaway is a luxurious retreat, offering stunning views and exceptional services where you can also enjoy the luxury of spa & wellness. The couple's first look was captured in front of the hotel, and it was a beautiful moment filled with joy and emotion. The photos captured the love between the couple, and the snowy background made the pictures look like something out of a fairy tale.

The civil wedding ceremony then was held at Schloss Höhenried, which is an enchanting location steeped in history. The castle was built in the 19th century and has been restored to its original glory. With its lush gardens also the castle's grounds are stunning.

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests celebrated at the restaurant Ilkahöhe, which is situated on the Ilkahöhe mountain, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The restaurant offers traditional Bavarian cuisine with a modern touch, and the food was simply delicious. The atmosphere was warm and lively, filled with heartwarming speeches that are going to be remembered forever. On top of that it started to snow so that everyone could enjoy the views over the snowy landscape from the cozy warmth of the restaurant.

Conny and Yves' winter wedding at Schloss Höhenried was a beautiful and intimate event that captured the magic of their love. The stunning locations and the warm atmosphere of all their guests made their day truly special!